First Television has produced television in almost every genre over the last two decades. Recently, they've been working hard on 40 Episodes of "Bloopers" which First Television produced with Dick Clark Productions for syndication. It's a modern take on a classic Dick Clark Productions franchise.

On the opposite end of the television spectrum, they produced the documentary "Empire" for National Geographic. Featuring stunning recreations, stylized recreations of the construction process of the Empire State Building and exclusive footage from atop the new Tower One at the World Trade Center, "Empire" told the story of two iconic buildings built 80 years apart. Some of their other projects include...

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First Television has a reputation for finely crafted television with a slightly twisted edge. We like making smart, though-provoking shows. We like making dumb, funny shows. We like shows that grab your attention. We like shows that run (and re-run) forever.

But, most of all, we love the business of making shows. We like blending two genres you'd never think of. We like approaching a well-worn subject from a completely new angle. We'd prefer not to do cookie cutter television. Unless you pay us well... then we'll do anything.


Years in business: 17

Episodes Produced: 1000+

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The Guys

Mack Anderson

CEO/Executive Producer

Mack Anderson began his career as a reporter/documentarian for PBS where he won numerous awards for hard-hitting documentaries. After moving to Los Angeles he produced and later executive produced the Eye On LA strip for KABC. As executive producer he also supervised Hollywood Close-Up, Sportsline, and many documentaries. He left to become Vice President of the Pierce/Silverman Company.

After developing several shows he moved to Four Point Entertainment where, as Vice President, he developed, sold and produced many programs. During Anderson’s tenure, Four Point was a virtual television factory producing everything from American Gladiators to scripted comedies and dramas.

In 1996 he left Four Point to form First Television so he didn’t have to work with so many jerks.

Anderson has a charming wife, a strapping young son, a vicious puppy and a fat deaf cat.

Brett McVicker

VP Development/Supervising Producer

Brett McVicker comes from a farm family in a small Kansas town. But he left the bustling chaos of rural life to pursue a quiet, simple life in the entertainment industry. He attended film school at the University of Southern California. Early on in his career, he got a job as a Writer's Assistant at First Television. He never looked back.

He began writing for Country Fried Home Videos. Soon after, he moved up to producing and developing projects like "Loose Screws" "Empire" and "Bloopers."

He enjoys color-coding production calendars, writing smart jokes into dumb shows, and adding unnecessary robotic sound effects into sizzle reels.


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121 W Lexington Drive, Suite 416, Glendale CA 91203